I post what ever I find amusing or interesting. A lot of opinions about nothing, each more uneducated than the last, when I get corrected I learn, so it's a good cycle. What I do find interesting is math, science, music and sport.
Music taste is usually is in the realm of that which sounds either euphoric or depressing.
Anything else? Ask. But this little blurb probably sums up the best in me. I am also a goatse enthusiast.



Iโ€™m so romantically frustrated. Like I just want someone to lay in bed with me and play with hair and kiss me and maybe touch me inappropriately because Iโ€™m also sexually frustrated.

Red foos existence makes me sad.


i think my ideal scenario is this: itโ€™s pay day and iโ€™m getting laid and then i eat a big plate of nachos and sleep

Blocked Lauren’s news feed on Facebook as it sucked ass when I see updates relating to guys she is adding. No idea who they are etc and am probably being a dick but I don’t want to think about shit like that. Easier this way.

I exist in a constant state of horniness.

New low in humanity when there are internet meme talent managers. I want to punch every one who profits off memes in the face.

Who the fuck thought it would be good to make a grumpy cat movie. Or to try turn any fucking meme in to a movie.

Too many people attack the music artist and not their music. The question becomes about if the artist is a good role model for kids, and not how much effort has been put into the song, or how good the song is.