I post what ever I find amusing or interesting. A lot of opinions about nothing, each more uneducated than the last, when I get corrected I learn, so it's a good cycle. What I do find interesting is math, science, music and sport.
Music taste is usually is in the realm of that which sounds either euphoric or depressing.
Anything else? Ask. But this little blurb probably sums up the best in me. I am also a goatse enthusiast.


At dinner today with an ex-cop who basically said cops hate Christmas, because its the one time of year people get together with family members they fucking hate, and after enough alcohol all hell breaks loose. 

I should start writing porn parody fan fiction. 



i went to look up coup de foudre (“love at first sight”) but i fucked up


i fucked up so much

i didn’t know it was possible to fuck it up this much

define “fucked up”




That dude from Sum 41 looks great these days, by the way.

this is still so soul shattering 

goblins are real