I post what ever I find amusing or interesting. A lot of opinions about nothing, each more uneducated than the last, when I get corrected I learn, so it's a good cycle. What I do find interesting is math, science, music and sport.
Music taste is usually is in the realm of that which sounds either euphoric or depressing.
Anything else? Ask. But this little blurb probably sums up the best in me. I am also a goatse enthusiast.


I thought I would try to amuse Lauren by wiping her attempted cheese sauce all over my face.It did not amuse her and my nose now smells like cheese, I can not get it off. I say attempted because it ended up being a putty we did not eat. 

One thing I want from travelling is not so much seeing a different place, I would prefer to build a relationship with it. Get to know someone on the other side of the world and build a lasting relationship with them of some type, get to know the city well etc, eat like a local, shit like a local. I’d probably see the sights and what not, but people and their culture make a city, so I’d want to know them, not get to know a few buildings and shit. I do not know if you can really achieve that intimacy in a week.

I don’t think

I remarked to a co-worker today how there is not much originality, and that someone else has already done the work for you, especially in a lot of fields in science.

It gave me sometime to realise how I work, I do not remember things, I just google the fuck out of everything, then take what I need and make it all fit together. Just following basic logic that you do not even need to think about.

Its why I love mathematics, you derive from math, you create from what we know already. Its not a matter of thinking to me, we know the rules, we just apply them. There is no thought, its like a fucking flow. I loved math as I would lose myself in the work, there was no thought, no surroundings, nothing until the problem was solved.


feeling extremely horny but extremely sad at night is the weirdest combination of feelings this should be illegal

Sporting the only poses I know. 

Sporting the only poses I know. 

I’d be interested to know if there is a tipping point of how many followers you have until you will inevitably continue to grow. Like if you reach x followers, you have enough reach and will get enough reblogs per post to reach enough people to just keep cumulating followers.
I wonder if tumblr do analysis like that, they would have enough data to do so.