I post what ever I find amusing or interesting. A lot of opinions about nothing, each more uneducated than the last, when I get corrected I learn, so it's a good cycle. What I do find interesting is math, science, music and sport.
Music taste is usually is in the realm of that which sounds either euphoric or depressing.
Anything else? Ask. But this little blurb probably sums up the best in me. I am also a goatse enthusiast.


Cartman saying “How do I reach these kids?” 

Oh fuck. I might not have sex for like another ten years. I get sexually frustrated after a day. I do not know what I am going to do in this regards, I can only jerk off so much, and eating a girl out is easily one of the best things in the world, hell it makes existence worth while. 
To think I might not be able to do that for a while really sucks ass.

Cornea by Suis La Lune

You started crying right in front of me
So then i embraced you and i swore i’d never let you go.
I would never let you hurt yourself, like i do
Then i pulled you tighter and i never wanted to let go.

Basic formula for a post with a lot of tumblr notes. 
1. Find something relatable, like an elder telling you something.
2. Find a gif that overemphasises your reaction.

Are they porn blogs with people, or porn bots I can not tell.

I hate when you need to poop just after a shower.