I post what ever I find amusing or interesting. A lot of opinions about nothing, each more uneducated than the last, when I get corrected I learn, so it's a good cycle. What I do find interesting is math, science, music and sport.
Music taste is usually is in the realm of that which sounds either euphoric or depressing.
Anything else? Ask. But this little blurb probably sums up the best in me. I am also a goatse enthusiast.



have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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There is a place in hell reserved for people like me. It’s called the throne.

I pathetically still hold hope. Maybe communication wasn’t right.  

Open - The Cure

Probably my favourite song by The Cure, this or pictures of you. 

eowmayixmay said: I don’t think they ever caught the serial attacker around my area.

That sucks, hope they give more than the description in the age on this one (link). This guy freaken chased her down, and ran away after hearing a train come, lucky for the woman as trains do not stop there as they are v-lines/freights. 
And he would of chased her for a good 600 metres or so. 

Kind of pissed off about a large portion of the asx 200 getting huge tax breaks. If your business sucks go under.
I know people will lose jobs and shit, but subsidies usually just delay the inevitable, invest the money in a new industry and those people will probably be redeployed there.

Some guy attacked a woman very close to my Dads place, they did not know each other. I fucking hate that people feel they have the right to impose themselves on someone at all. I hate that people are told, “Well you should know better than walking the streets at that time.”
Fuck you, you are enabling these fuckers who attack random people. I should be able to walk to the shop any fucking time I want with out any fear of being mugged or assaulted, just like any woman should have the right to walk anywhere with out any fear of sexual assault or anything. 
Hope anyone that thinks they have the right to do anything of the sort just fucking dies. 


The other day I was watching the project and i made a stupid joke about something on the show, and I was just sitting there pretty much asphyxiating myself laughing at my own joke, then rove said the exact same thing as me like 20 seconds later, and that’s how I figured out I’m not funny.

I struggle to find a reason to get out of bed lately. Everything I do seems a little meaningless and I kind of do it based on some deep seeded believe that it is for something. 
Sure I have created superficial stuff like getting up early to work out, and wanting to get a car or house, but what is that in the end? Its just stuff, people are what makes it all. Mind you everything is kind of meaningless when you think, fuck I am going to die one day.